How To Give CBD Oil To Dogs

Once you receive CBD oil, it’ll come inside a small glass jar that’s equipped with an accurate dispenser. In general, it’s recommended to give 1-5mg of CBD oil per 10-pounds of body weight - per day. 

This amount is a rough guideline, and you should monitor your dog after each dosage. 

Using CBD oil is simply because you can dispense an accurate dosage directly onto your dog’s food. Once your dog finishes his or her meal, you know it received the dose.


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How To Give CBD Treats To Dogs

When your dog is a good boy or girl, it’s time to toss them a CBD treat. Just like regular treats, these are meant for those special occasions. 

If you're thinking how much cbd you should give your dog or what dosage to use. Check the amount of CBD in each doggy treat - which should be between 1-5mg. One treat per day should suffice and help support your doggo’s ability to relax.

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How To Use CBD Powders For Dogs

Is you dog being suborn and not eating the cbd treats? Try CBD powders, just like CBD oil, are mixed directly with your dog’s food. Each sachet of CBD powder will contain a pre-set dose, which means you won’t need to measure anything out. This method is very convenient; however, it’s essential that you check the CBD concentration before using it.