Caring for Your Furry Friends

CBD Treats and Cannabis Treats for your dogs!

Deciding if Cannabis / CBD is right for your dog

There is a lot of talk about CBD and the effects it can have on your dogs.. Well let's get to the facts!


"TetraHydroCannabinolIs" is what gets you high.


"Cannabidiol" Naturally derived from Hemp. No psychoactive effect.

How it helps

Helps cure/mend lots of illnesses.

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Dogs are a human’s best friends because they’re always there for us. They follow us on a moment’s notice willingly, seldom complaining. However, dogs exhibit many issues that their human counterparts show - anxiety, fear, chronic pain, inflammation, and much more.


Let's answer some questions you may have about it all.

Is CBD Good for dogs?

The answer is a well-rounded yes. Dogs, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system. The EC is found in all animals, and researchers have found a multitude of roles that it plays in an organism’s body. From decreasing inflammation to boosting their mood, CBD is a profound natural substance that is capable of supporting your dog in a wide range of situations.

Will My Dog Get High?

Depending on what type of treats you buy. If you buy some cbd dog treats mixed with a high dose of THC then yes. Although all CBD has a minuet trace of THC the dosage is so small you will not feel any effects of the THC.

What Are The Benefits of CBD for dogs?

Here’s a list of issues that CBD for dogs can help cure:

Mobility issues
Appetite stimulation


What CBD Should I Buy For My Dog?

Ideally, it’s best to find a CBD-formula that’s derived from hemp. Hemp is cannabis, but it doesn’t contain high levels of THC. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that’s known for its narcotic-like effects.

It’s essential that you find lab-tested CBD products that ensure the THC content doesn’t exceed 0.3%. Remember, your dogs are sensitive - like you; therefore, it’s a good idea to keep large doses of THC away from them.. Unless your dog is in need of it.

What Type of CBD Product Is Best For Dogs?

There are three popular types of CBD products for dogs. CBD oil is a common form for dogs because it’s easily dispensed on dog food. Dog treats are another form of CBD products that cater to dogs. Lastly, CBD powders are easily mixed into dog food.

Of these three types of CBD products, which is best for your dog?


Not all dogs are equal, and many have preferences (just like their human counterparts). Some canines will eat anything, whereas others are incredibly picky. 

When in doubt, it’s best to try a few different forms to see which your dog enjoys the most. 

Empower Your Dog With The Help of CBD Products

There’s no better time than now to use CBD-infused products for your dog(s). Instead of reaching for synthetic supplements, CBD is a holistic alternative that’s fueled by nature.


Less barking and more relaxation are what you’ll find behind each milligram of CBD. 

Your dog has been there for you through thick and thin - it’s time to return the favor with the help of CBD.

How To Use CBD Products on Dogs

You can check out our article here: 


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